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Hyslip Legal, LLC is a regional law firm founded by Jeffrey Hyslip, Esq. in 2018. It services clients throughout the United States with a focus on Federal Law in Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas, Colorado, and North Dakota.

With its sole focus is on Consumer Protection within the Finance Industry, Hyslip Legal, LLC focuses their practice on helping consumers fight Debt Collectors, Creditors, and Credit Repair Organizations.

Hyslip Legal, LLC has been described by its adversaries as the “Boogeyman” – with its track record of success and tens of millions of dollars recovered on behalf of its lawyers, Hyslip Legal, LLC is, quite literally, one of the most recognized Consumer Protection Firms in the nation.



Debt Collection Abuse

Are you tired of being harassed by debt collectors? Look no further, because we are here to help. Our experienced attorneys specialize in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), a federal law that protects consumers from abusive debt collection practices.

Illegal Credit Repair

Did you hire a credit repair company that promised to repair your credit?  If so, you’ve likely realized that you’ve been scammed and lied to.  While we won’t promise we can “fix” your credit, we’re pretty certain we can get your money back from the scammer who did. There are strong Federal protections for consumers regarding these businesses.  We can help.

Debt Settlement Companies

Debt Settlement is a valuable tool for consumers but unfortunately, some consumers who are better suited for alternatives are enrolled in haste.  There are strong Federal and State protections for when debt settlement companies’ promises don’t match their results.  If you’ve signed up for debt settlement and your debt isn’t being…..settled.  We can help.


Hyslip Legal, LLC
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Eric RobertsEric Roberts
11:30 03 Oct 23
Sofia was great and extremely helpful!! If I have any other problems I'll definitely be calling Hyslip Legal for help. Thank you so much!
Zainab RizviZainab Rizvi
21:40 28 Sep 23
Devon BartlettDevon Bartlett
20:37 13 Sep 23
You guys have helped me more than you know I would recommend you to everyone thank you again 😊
Joseph FoschiJoseph Foschi
00:19 08 Sep 23
Jeffery and Alyssa helped me on my case! Quick, easy to work with and very knowledgeable! 5/5!
11:32 09 Aug 23
Jeffery won a lawsuit for me after I received an unethical collection letter for a debt I didn't owe.
Walter ElWalter El
16:28 08 Aug 23
I must express my deepest appreciation and gratitude for Jeffrey, Allyssa and Guyer for helping me to get (first and foremost) my peace of mind back. I am also grateful for the compensation they fought for because of undue stress. I Highly recommend HYSLIP Legal, LLC for anyone who has a case like mine and want the peace and prosperity that they can deliver.
Devin LarsonDevin Larson
13:04 04 Aug 23
I recently had the opportunity to work with Jeffrey regarding my legal case, and I cannot recommend him highly enough. Previously, I had been working with another law firm for over a year and a half, but unfortunately, they did not make any progress on my case during that time, leaving me in a complicated financial situation. Feeling uncomfortable with the situation, I reached out to Jeffrey and was immediately impressed with his responsiveness and the progress he made on my case in just one day, which was more than the previous law firm had accomplished in over a year. Throughout the process, Jeffrey was upfront about his approach and how he would handle things, which helped alleviate any hesitation I initially had about working with an attorney. Within just a month and a half, we had already won our first case, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Jeffrey is truly the best at what he does and an excellent communicator, making the entire process a breeze. I am thrilled to have worked with him and highly recommend him to anyone in need of legal assistance.
14:45 29 Jul 23
Great law firm for any kind of help with naggy collection agency's. When there in the wrong.
Destiny PayneDestiny Payne
19:28 26 Jul 23
I’d like to thank Jeffrey! He’s was very quick and efficient. Answered all of my questions and more. He gave me lots of useful information I could use now and in the future!
Krystal SimpsonKrystal Simpson
20:07 13 Jul 23
Attorney Hyslip is top notch. He was able to get me more than I expected quickly and efficiently. I am beyond excited and would recommend him to all who have an FDCPA case. He does a great job communicating with his clients. I would use him again if they need arises.
16:33 10 Jul 23
Glad I found Hyslip Legal on a Google search. I normally don't click on the ads but it seemed like he was the kind of law firm I needed. My previous lawyer didn't think I had a case but Jeffrey took the time to hear all the details and took my case. 2 months after speaking with Jeffery for the first time we settled my case in my favor. And due to the nature of my case against a debt collector I didn't pay anything, instead the debt collector paid his attorney's fees in the settlement.
Evan PoskaEvan Poska
02:20 08 Jun 23
I’m really happy I reached out to Jeffrey. A debt collector was wrongfully trying to collect a debt that I didn’t owe, and Jeffrey was confident that if we filed, he would win my case – and of course he did! He was responsive, informational, and very patient with all my questions. I asked so many questions though; everyone just chill out and hire Jeffrey. Big thanks to him and his team!
Dita GotlibowskiDita Gotlibowski
21:17 31 May 23
I was referred to Hyslip Legal by another attorney after being sued by a creditor in another state where I never resided. Right from the start, the firm was professional and listened to my concerns. Alyssa took my initial call and within couple hours she called back and said J. Hyslip would be happy to take on my case. Communication was great, team is very responsive, and the entire process was quick. My lawsuit was dismissed and in regard to my owed debt, Mr. Hyslip offered to negotiate a settlement so that the creditor would not file a new lawsuit in my home state. My debt is now settled and the headache is off my shoulders! Thank you for everything. This is definitely the team you want on your side.
loyda peterloyda peter
16:27 24 May 23
I highly recommend Jeffrey Hyslip! I was being sued for a old depth and he save my live by taking them of my back. When I thought I had no way out he help me and took care of everything for me.He kept me up to date on everything that was happening with my case. So glad I found him and that he was able to help me.
R BlankenshipR Blankenship
22:17 10 May 23
The Hyslip Legal group was an absolute saviour to us. They were able to stop an unfair collection and removed a huge burden from our lives. They quickly got us resolution, and were professional and pleasant to work with. I would definitely use them again.
16:26 10 Apr 23
I called around for a few hours looking for general guidance on my issue. Although this office wasn't able to help specifically they did take the time to help me understand exactly why and my best course of action moving forward. I am writing this review simply because I appreciate Jeff taking the time to actually hear my situation and provide good advice. This appears to be a decent firm.
Patricia GiangrandePatricia Giangrande
19:57 23 Mar 23
I was the POA for my mother who passed away in 2021 who had cosigned a loan for a grandson and that person had defaulted. Even after supplying a death certificate I was contacted by numerous collection agencies over the past 2 years. I randomly picked Hyslip Legal LLC and boy was I blessed..Jeffrey and his assistant, Alyssa couldn't have been kinder or more knowledgeable. I always felt that they had my best interest in mind. I highly recommend Jeffrey Hyslip.
Alicia BellAlicia Bell
21:22 20 Mar 23
Highly recommend Hyslip Legal LLC. Jeffery Hyslip has been a pleasure to work with, transparent, prompt, and is an expert in his field. A genuine person, he understands and has compassion for his clients. Absolutely professional and a pleasure to work with. Goes the extra mile to give you peace of mind, during incredibly stressful and tough times.
james parksjames parks
16:06 27 Jan 23
Jeff Hyslip was prompt to answer my questions right out the gate and was available to me via text at all times. My collections claim was handled quickly even thru the holidays. Highly recommended company if you're having collections issues.
Jeannie AtteberryJeannie Atteberry
21:33 26 Dec 22
I was having problems with a company, so I reached out to Hyslip Legal. Jeffrey quickly and knowledgeably addressed my issues and concerns, also informing me on a thing or two I did not know about creditors and collection agencies. Very helpful and very friendly. I will definitely be contacting him again should anything come up that I would need help with in the future.
Shelley GregoryShelley Gregory
22:10 30 Nov 22
I hired Hyslip Legal to help with a lawsuit that was filed against me. Mr J Hyslip worked diligently many hours on my case. He was in constant contact with me, wanting to get the facts correct. He was very professional and explained all the legal terms so it was understandable. He was able to get my lawsuit dismissed. This has been a great relief for me. I would recommend them to my family and friends.
23:15 21 Sep 22
Mr. Hyslip provided far more than I expected. He had much knowledge and expertise in debt collection practices and the laws governing debt collection. I was impressed with not just what he knew, but with his humility to be honest about his areas of expertise. If you have a legal issue, he will be honest with you. He was very hands-on and responsive to my calls, text messages and emails. He was very easy to communicate with. He negotiated a settlement much higher than either of us expected and made sure I received my check expeditiously. I definitely recommend Mr. Hyslip. I'm over excited about my outcome!